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سعر عادي 1,300 AED
سعر عادي سعر البيع 1,300 AED
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10,400 AED / l
Akaster is a perfume by Parfums de Marly for men and was released in 2015. The scent is floral-woody.
شامل الضريبة. شحن محسوبة عند الخروج.
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These fragrances show the best behavior, which is evident in their elegant black bottle and sophisticated black box.

Created by perfumer Hamid Merati-Kashani, this elegant, intensely charismatic fragrance, which is neither entirely masculine nor completely feminine, is made up of the finest ingredients.

In the beginning, a triad of Sicilian lemon, aromatic leaves and cypress creates spicy-green freshness. The finest roses and valuable spices such as cardamom, pepper and saffron are combined with treasures such as leather, agarwood, musk and incense. Pepper ensures a refined sharpness, sandalwood and patchouli for a warm, balsamic woodiness. In addition, there is this almost imperceptible hint of praliné, which sneaks into the fragrance and which suddenly transforms its lovely harmony into something completely modern.

A mixture of warmth and sensuality that is undoubtedly as sophisticated as it is portable.