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Dama Koupa

Dama Koupa

سعر عادي 500 AED
سعر عادي سعر البيع 500 AED
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10,000 AED / l
Dama Koupa is a perfume by Baruti for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is woody-sweet.
شامل الضريبة. شحن محسوبة عند الخروج.
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The Queen of Hearts, it emanates elegance and passion.

Dama Koupa is translated from Greek as “The Queen of Hearts”. When developing it, Dr. S. Drosopoulos set out on a mission to create a seductive yet sensual fragrance without it being vulgar or screaming in your face for attention. This formula took around 2 years to perfect. At the heart of the fragrance is an iris accord which incorporates a bit of orris butter. This stuff is truly special in perfumery.


It is derived from the roots of the bearded iris, the same irises that were famously painted by Van Gogh. Although it has a feminine name, it certainly is not only a feminine fragrance, and works beautifully on men as well.