Collection: Imaginary Authors

A niche perfume brand called Imaginary Authors produces distinctive and historical scents. Every fragrance has an original and unique composition and is inspired by a work of literature. The brand hopes to create a sensual and engrossing experience with its fragrances.

The company was started in 2010 by self-taught perfumer Josh Meyer as a side project. He was a musician and producer.

The scents were well-received by critics for their storytelling style and gained popularity through word-of-mouth.


Imaginary Authors has created limited-edition scent releases by working together with various artists and designers.

The brand is widely recognised online and is frequently mentioned in blogs and fragrance discussions.

The concept of fragrance as art and art as provocative gave rise to the brand. The fragrances are intended to inspire you, much like a good book does. Layered stories in the bottles are ready to take one on a dreamlike journey or stimulate exciting conversations. These scents are perfect for relaxing on the couch, going on adventures with friends, and—ideally—writing their own chapter in your life.

Types & Varieties

This niche perfume brand, Imaginary Authors, offers a range of luxury perfumes. Some of their unisex fragrances are Falling Into the Sea, O, Unknown, Slow Explosions, Sundrunk, and The Cobre And The Canary.