Collection: Simone Andreoli

Like the canvas of a painter or the instrument of a musician, Simone Andreoli's name defines olfactory creations with memories of faraway countries, imprinting glimpses of a travel journal into every perfume.

The Journal describes the continuous wandering through global streets that transform into distinct regions, where scent transforms into history, recollections, and feelings.

Its pages speak to us, lead us to every location and into our inner collection together with odours; sensory experience surpasses the skin to become a travelling representation of far-off places and distances.


The raw materials used in production are chosen according to the strictest quality requirements to ensure that the customers receive a flawless product.

The brand's creative belief depends on a fundamental idea: investigation.

Simone Andreoli enjoys crafting scents with unique aromas that are unaffected by trends. These scents highlight an individual's uniqueness and separate them from conventional and standardised elements.

Types & Variety 

The niche perfume brand Simone Andreoli offers a range of luxury fragrances for men and women. Some of them are Eterno, Fico Nero, Ocean Of A Midnight Moon, Rose Of Dangerous Flamenco and Smoke Of Desert.