Collection: Roads

Danielle Ryan launched the contemporary fragrance line Roads in 2013. Although it has its roots in Dublin, influences from various cultures around the globe fuels the fragrances.

These genderless and universal compositions are the result of a collaboration with some of the world's most renowned perfumers, using only the finest, premium components. They are not mere recommendations; they are the manifestation of one person's curiosity about the world, revealed through scent, ensuring a luxurious experience for you. 

Embark on a unique olfactory journey with Roads. Choose a scent that resonates with you, just as you select clothing based on your mood or the occasion. Let the fragrance become a part of your story, whether it's the way it makes you feel or the message it conveys, empowering you to express yourself through scent. 


Roads Fragrances originated from an idea Ryan had while working in theatrical production. She experimented with utilising fragrance to set the mood for a play on stage and soon realised that perfumes could also be used to create moods that are completely personal and inspired by other sources. 

These ideas could come from anyone, including persons, locations, cultural movements, literature, movies, technology, environment, authority, or feelings. Ryan would gather specific inspirations from her surroundings and, in collaboration with the perfumer, create a mood board or initial reference list of the qualities and components that would ultimately go into creating each odour.

Types & Varieties 

The niche perfume brand offers a range of unisex fragrances and scented candles. Its luxury products include Black Door Perfumed Candle, Moon Garden Perfumed Candle, Roads Discovery Set, and the newest additions, Afropolis, Bitter End and Harmattan