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Arve Chaleureux

Arve Chaleureux

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Arve Chaleureux is a perfume by ZirbenLüfter for women and men and was released in 2021. The scent is woody-earthy.
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The individual and complex fragrance from the “Oriental Wood” family is a unique composition. It is based on pure stone pine oil from Austria. A luxurious fragrance, equally for men and women, of high intensity and quality. The natural essences ensure a multifaceted and harmonious fragrance development. We would like to take you to a stone pine forest, high up on the tree line, in a kind of “cathedral of nature”. The gentle hypnotic light of the morning sun and the intensely woody fragrance, the feeling of natural clarity, captured in a noble bottle.


A fragrance composition is based on the fragrance pyramid. It illustrates the structure of a perfume. The pyramid consists of the top, heart and base notes. The three fragrance phases are harmoniously coordinated with one another. The top note is determined by stone pine oil, cinnamon bark from Ceylon, mugwort and Bulgarian lavender. Fig leaf, cedar wood, nutmeg and strong resin notes play in the middle note. The base note is carried by moss, amber notes, cashmere wool accord and suede.


Processing stone pine has been a tradition in the Alpine region for centuries and is sensible and sustainable from an ecological point of view. The annual inventory of Austrian forests shows a clear upward trend for the stone pine. So there is currently significantly more stone pine growing back than is being felled. The stone pine, which is almost white when fresh, has fine fibers and is easy to work with. Within a few months, the wood takes on a dark yellow to honey-like color and provides a unique look with its lively and knot-rich grain. The caps and bases we use are made in a small regional carpentry shop in the Salzburger Land and the pine wood used comes 100% from Austria, remains natural and completely untreated.