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Coast to Coast Sample Trio

Coast to Coast Sample Trio

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Coast to Coast Sample Trio by Goldfield & Banks, Three Exotic Destinations, Three Rare Ingredients
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Coast to Coast Sample Trio by Goldfield & Banks is an exquisite luxury travel set that invites you to embark on a sensory journey across Australia's diverse and breathtaking landscapes. This set features three 10ml travel sprays of their signature fragrances: Pacific Rock Moss, Sunset Hour, and Bohemian Lime. Ideal for discovering and layering these captivating scents, the trio offers a perfect blend of refreshment, warmth, and zest.


From Dawn to Dusk: Journey Across Australia

Travel from the early dawn over the Pacific Ocean in Byron Bay to the golden sunset in the turquoise waters of Broome, covering a remarkable 3,400 kilometers of pristine Australian landscape. This collection encapsulates the essence of Australia’s most picturesque vistas, offering a unique olfactory experience that transitions from the freshness of morning sea breezes to the warmth of evening hues.


Three Exotic Destinations, Three Rare Ingredients

1.      Pacific Rock Moss: Capturing the invigorating and refreshing sea breeze of the Pacific Ocean, this fragrance embodies the essence of coastal mornings with its clean, crisp, and revitalizing scent.

2.      Sunset Hour: Reflecting the warm, golden hues of an Australian sunset, this fragrance exudes a sensual and comforting aroma that evokes the magic and tranquility of twilight.

3.      Bohemian Lime: Infused with the zesty and vibrant essence of Australian limes, this fragrance brings a burst of citrus freshness that is lively and invigorating, perfect for those who embrace a free-spirited lifestyle.

Let the Coast to Coast Collection transport you to Australia’s most breathtaking landscapes. This set is perfect for travel, gifting, or personal indulgence, allowing you to explore the unique and diverse scents of Australia’s natural beauty. Each fragrance is carefully crafted to capture the essence of its respective landscape, offering a luxurious and immersive experience that is both elegant and adventurous.