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Fever 54

Fever 54

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Fever 54 is a perfume by The Perfumer’s Story for women. The scent is sweet-oriental.
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Fever 54 is a fragrance that embodies the spirit of the hedonistic, exotic nightlife of Ibiza. Inspired by the image of a captivating girl dancing under the stars, this scent captures the essence of sultry, sexy allure with a dangerously sensual twist. It’s designed for those who embrace the extremes of emotions and live life with flair and passion.


The perfume opens with a lush, intoxicating heart of Rose de Mai, which provides a classic, deeply floral aroma that is both rich and opulent. This luxurious note is perfectly complemented by the addition of Davana oil, known for its fruity, slightly woody undertones that add a unique and exotic twist to the floral heart. Saffron brings a subtle spice that enhances the composition with its luxurious, leathery, and earthy qualities. Ylang Ylang completes the heart with its intensely sweet, floral, and slightly fruity notes, contributing to the fragrance’s exotic and sensual character.


The base of Fever 54 is where the magic deepens, featuring a potent blend of Oud oils, which are revered for their rich, musty, woody aroma—a perfect foundation for a fragrance inspired by the untamed spirit of Ibiza nights. Benzoin adds a comforting warmth with its vanilla-like, creamy sweetness, enhancing the depth of the oud. Powder musks contribute a silky, enveloping feel, softening the intensity with a clean, smooth finish. Red woods round out the base with their robust, deep, and resonant tones, grounding the fragrance and leaving a lasting, unforgettable impression.