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Kirra Curl

Kirra Curl

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Kirra Curl a perfume by Mihan Aromatics for women and men. The scent is synthetic-aquatic.
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Kirra Curl encapsulates the quintessential spirit of the surfing lifestyle, blending elements of the ocean with a touch of rugged, woody warmth. It’s a tribute to those serene moments spent on the shore, embodying the casual elegance and introspective solitude of a day at the beach.


The fragrance opens with top notes of sea salt and lemon rind, offering a crisp and invigorating introduction that immediately evokes the ocean's spray and the tangy zest of sun-warmed citrus. Sea salt brings the authentic scent of salt-crusted towels and wind-swept shores, while lemon rind adds a bright, clean sharpness, mirroring the refreshing aroma of the coastal breeze.


Transitioning into the heart of the fragrance, Kirra Curl introduces notes of leather and surf wax. Leather provides a rich, durable scent that speaks to the rugged side of the surfing lifestyle, suggesting the well-worn feel of a favorite jacket or the interior of a vintage pickup truck. Surf wax adds a unique, slightly aromatic and creamy note, capturing the essence of a surfboard freshly waxed and ready for the waves. Together, these middle notes blend the carefree elements of beach life with a touch of artisanal craft.


The base of the fragrance is grounded in warmth and depth with notes of vanilla, Australian Buddha wood, and Australian sandalwood. Vanilla offers a sweet, comforting finish, softening the sharper notes with its creamy, rich aroma. Australian Buddha wood and Australian sandalwood together provide a robust, woody foundation that enhances the fragrance's complexity. Buddha wood contributes a smoky, leathery quality, while sandalwood adds a milky, soft woody undertone, extending the warm, meditative vibe well into the evening.