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Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

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Love At First Sight is a perfume by Une Nuit Nomade for women and men and was released in 2023. The scent is floral-fresh.
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Love at First Sight is a fragrance that captures the essence of Johannesburg in spring, when the city is transformed by the delicate mauve blossoms of jacarandas. This scent is a poetic ode to the natural spectacle, celebrating the ephemeral beauty of flowers and the immediate, passionate connection they inspire.


The fragrance opens with vibrant top notes of passion fruit and bergamot. Passion fruit introduces a luscious, juicy sweetness, bursting with tropical zest, which perfectly complements the sharp, citrusy freshness of bergamot. This combination sets a lively, invigorating tone that evokes the thrill of new beginnings and the exhilarating pulse of spring.


Transitioning into the heart of the fragrance, Love at First Sight unfolds into a floral symphony of lilacs, acacias, and ylang-ylang. Lilacs contribute a soft, powdery, and somewhat romantic fragrance, echoing the gentle sway of jacaranda flowers in the breeze. Acacias bring a honeyed sweetness, their floral notes rich and heady, symbolizing the flush of first love. Ylang-ylang adds depth with its rich, floral, and slightly fruity scent, enhancing the bouquet with its luxurious and intoxicating aroma.


The base of the fragrance grounds the floral heart with notes of cashmeran and ambroxan. Cashmeran provides a warm, woody, and musky foundation, adding a sophisticated, velvety texture that prolongs the scent’s presence. Ambroxan contributes a smooth, amber-like finish, lending a contemporary edge with its rich, skin-like warmth. This combination ensures a lasting impression, mirroring the enduring memory of a first love ignited among the blooming jacarandas.