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Munlark Ash

Munlark Ash

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Munlark Ash a perfume by Mihan Aromatics for women and men. The scent is smoky-woody.
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Munlark Ash is a fragrance deeply entrenched in the serene majesty of untouched wilderness. It captures the essence of ancient woods and the crisp freshness of early morning air, making it perfect for those who are drawn to the raw beauty of nature and its tranquil solitude.


Opening with top notes of bergamot and black pepper, Munlark Ash begins with a bright, citrusy introduction that quickly gains depth from the spicy, sharp aroma of black pepper. This combination sets a dynamic and inviting tone, sparking the senses like the first light of dawn breaking over a forest.


The heart of the fragrance delves deeper into the forest with middle notes of fir needle and tree sap. Fir needle brings a vibrant, green, and slightly resinous aroma that encapsulates the freshness of coniferous forests, evoking the scent of crushed fir needles underfoot. Tree sap adds a rich, slightly sticky sweetness that is both earthy and comforting, enhancing the woodland experience by capturing the essence of tree lifeblood.


As Munlark Ash settles into the skin, it reveals a base composed of Australian blue cypress, vetiver, and frankincense. Australian blue cypress imparts a distinctive, balsamic woodiness that is uniquely aromatic and soothing. Vetiver adds its characteristic smoky, earthy richness, grounding the fragrance with its robust, root-like depth. Frankincense, with its woody and spicy undertones, brings a meditative quality to the base, adding layers of complexity and a touch of the ancient.