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Nothing but Sea and Sky

Nothing but Sea and Sky

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Nothing but Sea and Sky is a perfume by Une Nuit Nomade for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is fresh-woody.
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Nothing but Sea and Sky captures the serene and introspective essence of Montauk Point during the hush of winter, as immortalized in Walt Whitman’s poignant verses from Leaves of Grass. This fragrance is a tribute to the stark beauty of Montauk, where the world seems to pause, enveloped in a quiet coat of snow, and the vast sea mirrors the expanse of a cotton field in bloom.


The fragrance opens with the crisp, citrusy freshness of Italian bergamot. This top note introduces a clear, bright opening, evoking the crisp winter air and the pale white sky that veils Montauk during the colder months. The bergamot’s light and airy scent sets a refreshing tone, capturing the invigorating solitude of the seaside landscape.


At the heart of Nothing but Sea and Sky is Australian sandalwood, known for its rich, creamy, and slightly milky aroma. This heart note infuses the fragrance with a smooth, woody warmth, mirroring the tranquil isolation of Montauk’s snowy beaches. The Australian sandalwood brings a comforting depth to the scent, embodying the meditative calmness that Whitman might have felt as he gazed out at the expansive sea.


The base of the fragrance is dominated by white musks, which provide a clean, soft finish to the scent composition. These musks lend a sensation of wrapping oneself in a warm, white stole—reassuring and gentle. The musk’s subtlety supports the sandalwood’s creamy notes, enhancing the overall sensation of warmth and serenity.