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Orange Crush

Orange Crush

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Orange Crush a perfume by Fugazzi for women and men. The scent is citrusy-woody.
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Orange Crush is a minimalist yet profoundly impactful fragrance that masterfully combines simplicity with depth. Centered around just three key ingredients, this scent delivers a unique olfactory experience that celebrates the beauty of restraint and the power of subtle complexity.


The fragrance opens with a bright and zesty burst of orange, which immediately envelops the wearer in a fresh and invigorating aura. This citrus note is not just a fleeting introduction; it's applied abundantly, ensuring that its juicy, vibrant character remains a constant presence, infusing the entire fragrance with a sense of energy and liveliness.


At the heart of Orange Crush is Iso E Super, a remarkable ingredient known for its woody and velvety profile. Often described as having a transparent, almost ethereal quality, Iso E Super adds a modern touch of clean, soft woodiness to the fragrance. This component enhances the structure of the scent without overwhelming the senses, allowing the orange to shine while providing a sophisticated backdrop that deepens the overall experience.


White amber forms the base of the fragrance, adding a warm, comforting layer that feels almost skin-like in its intimacy. This note complements the vibrancy of the orange with its subtle sweetness and resinous depth, creating a soothing warmth that makes the fragrance more inviting as it lingers on the skin.