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Petrichor Plains

Petrichor Plains

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Petrichor Plains a perfume by Mihan Aromatics for women and men. The scent is woody-green.
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Petrichor Plains captures the essence of the earth's reawakening through the scent of rain-soaked landscapes. This fragrance is a homage to the beauty of nature's refreshment, embodying the serenity and power of rain as it brings life to dormant fields and rock. Designed for the nature lover and the introspective soul, it evokes a profound connection to the earth.


The fragrance opens with the top notes of rain and iris, immediately evoking the clean, fresh scent of a downpour. The rain note is crisp and invigorating, reminiscent of the first moments of a storm when the air becomes charged with anticipation. Iris adds a subtle floral touch, its powdery and slightly earthy nuances enhancing the petrichor effect—the distinctive scent of rain on dry earth.


Transitioning into the heart of the fragrance, Petrichor Plains introduces violet, rosemary, and cardamom. Violet provides a delicate floral aroma with a slight green freshness, echoing the scent of wet foliage and blooming flowers following the rain. Rosemary contributes its aromatic, herbal quality, invoking the scent of a rejuvenated garden. Cardamom adds a hint of spicy warmth, lending depth and a slightly exotic twist to the composition, complementing the fresh and floral elements beautifully.


The base notes of amyris and Australian buddawood anchor Petrichor Plains with a woody foundation. Amyris offers a soft, balsamic sweetness with subtle hints of vanilla and wood, which grounds the fragrance while maintaining its airy quality. Australian buddawood, known for its rich and resinous aroma, intensifies the woody base, adding a unique, slightly smoky note that mirrors the scent of wet asphalt and ash—a nod to the transformative power of rain.