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Saint Rémy

Saint Rémy

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Saint Rémyis a perfume by Fugazzi for women and men. The scent is green-leathery.
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Saint Rémy is a fragrance that embodies effortless sophistication, designed for the seductive and charismatic individual. This elegant and dreamy blend is artfully crafted to make a subtle yet distinct impression, inviting intrigue and allure with every encounter.

The perfume opens with a unique and vibrant combination of top notes that set a captivating tone. White iris brings a delicate, powdery softness to the fragrance, establishing a sophisticated floral foundation. This is beautifully complemented by the fresh, citrusy sharpness of bergamot, which adds a bright and uplifting element. Pink peppercorn introduces a subtle spiciness, adding a layer of depth and warmth, while juniper berries contribute a fresh, woody note that is slightly resinous and crisp. Ginger rounds out the top notes with its zesty and slightly fiery profile, enhancing the initial burst of freshness with its invigorating spice.


Transitioning into the heart of the fragrance, the iris continues to weave its powdery elegance throughout, accompanied by the lush, lemony-sweet presence of magnolia. This floral pairing is both enchanting and luxurious, providing a seamless flow from the initial iris note. Amber adds a rich, resinous warmth that envelops the floral heart in a cozy embrace, while leather introduces a refined, slightly animalic quality that hints at a hidden depth and complexity, adding an edge of sophistication that is both intriguing and seductive.


The base of Saint Rémy solidifies the fragrance’s lasting impression with a robust foundation of cedar, vetiver, and sandalwood. These woody notes provide a smooth, creamy, and earthy finish that complements the lighter floral and spicy elements. Cedar offers a dry, woody sharpness, vetiver adds a smoky, rich earthiness, and sandalwood imparts a creamy quality that enhances the blend's overall warmth. Tonka beans finish the scent with a touch of sweetness and an almost caramel-like richness, adding a final note of exotic allure.