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Type: Eau De Parfum

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Salute is a perfume by NOD for women and men. The release year is 2023. The scent is fruity-floral.
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Salute by NOD is an exuberant and vibrant fragrance that celebrates the joy of life with a burst of fruity and floral notes, followed by a warm, sensuous base. This scent is a jubilant expression of energy and sophistication, designed for those who embrace life with passion and confidence.


The fragrance opens with a lively and enticing array of top notes that instantly captivate the senses. Passion fruit offers a tart and tropical kick, full of zest and brightness. Raspberry adds a sweet, juicy touch, complementing the exotic flair of passion fruit. Pear brings a soft, aqueous sweetness that tempers the tartness, while saffron introduces a subtle spice that lends depth and a hint of luxury right from the start.


Transitioning from the vibrant top notes, Salute moves into a rich and opulent heart. Orris fusion provides a powdery, slightly woody floral note that is both elegant and captivating. Egyptian jasmine adds a heady, aromatic layer that is intensely floral and deeply sensual. Orange flower contributes a sweet, citrusy floral aroma that brightens the bouquet, and Bulgarian rose rounds out the heart with its classic, romantic, and richly floral scent, adding a traditional touch of sophistication.


The base of Salute ensures a lasting impression, with a blend of warm, resinous, and sweet notes that ground the fragrance and envelop the wearer in comfort. Benzoin and amber crystals provide a balsamic warmth that is soothing and rich. Patchouli offers a deep, earthy backdrop that enhances the complexity of the fragrance. Vanilla and tonka beans add creamy, sweet, and slightly spicy elements, enriching the base with their indulgent aromas. Musks contribute a clean, subtly animalic undertone that amplifies the sensuality of the scent.