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Sand Service

Sand Service

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Sand Service is a perfume by CRA-YON for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is woody-spicy.
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Step into an Adventurous Journey with Sand Service, a Fragrance that Transports You to New Horizons. Crafted from sustainably sourced ingredients from around the globe, this scent encapsulates the essence of wanderlust and is designed to uplift your mood. With a scent direction of woods, crispness, and greenery, Sand Service becomes your gateway to adventure. Experience the thrill of travel without ever leaving the comfort of your own space.

An Invigorating Prelude:
The fragrance begins with the captivating fusion of cardamom and violet leaf. This enticing combination awakens the senses, creating a vibrant and refreshing atmosphere that sets the stage for the journey ahead. The top notes provide a sense of anticipation and excitement.

A Voyage of Discovery:
As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes reveal the essence of papyrus and orris. These notes evoke images of ancient manuscripts and distant lands, evoking a sense of exploration and discovery. They immerse you in the spirit of adventure, igniting your curiosity and inviting you to explore new territories.

A Foundation of Exploration:
The base notes of sandalwood, leather, cedar, and amber form a solid foundation that represents the essence of travel. These evocative elements bring a sense of grounding and depth to the fragrance, capturing the essence of nature and the thrill of discovery. They provide a lasting impression that lingers, keeping the spirit of adventure alive.

Sand Service is your personal ticket to adventure, allowing you to transcend boundaries and explore the world from the comfort of your own space. Let its blend of woods, crispness, and green notes transport you to new horizons, awakening your wanderlust and fueling your imagination. Embrace the thrill of travel, and let Sand Service be your guide to exciting and transformative experiences.