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Type: Eau De Parfum

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Signal is a perfume by NOD for women and men. The release year is 2023. The scent is spicy-oriental.
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Signal by NOD is a fragrance designed to capture attention and command presence, embodying the bold and intrepid spirit of its wearers. This scent is a sophisticated interplay of warmth, spice, and depth, creating a complex aromatic narrative that unfolds with each layer, designed for those who make their mark wherever they go.


At the outset, Signal opens with a sharp, invigorating note of ginger. This top note zests up the olfactory experience with its spicy and slightly peppery essence, offering an energetic and vibrant introduction. Ginger’s natural freshness sets an assertive tone, promising a fragrance that captivates from the first encounter.


Transitioning from the lively opener, the heart of the fragrance delves into a rich and mysterious blend of incense, leather, and patchouli. Incense brings a smoky, aromatic quality that invokes a sense of ancient rituals and timeless allure. Leather adds a luxurious, textural depth, evoking a sense of refined strength and durability. Patchouli complements these with its earthy, slightly sweet undertones, adding a rich, herbaceous layer that deepens the heart of the fragrance. Together, these middle notes craft an enveloping warmth that is both comforting and commanding.


The base of Signal settles into a resonant combination of ambery, balsamic, and musk notes. Amber provides a warm golden glow that enhances the fragrance’s richness, while balsamic elements introduce a sublime, almost divine sweetness that is soothing and profound. Musk anchors the fragrance with its sensual, skin-like quality, adding a lingering allure that persists long after the other notes have softened. This foundation ensures that Signal leaves a lasting impression, a memorable trail that subtly communicates its presence.