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Sun Bleached

Sun Bleached

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Sun Bleached is a perfume by Une Nuit Nomade for women and was released in 2021. The scent is fresh-creamy.
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Sun Bleached captures the essence of Muscat, the White City of the Sultanate of Oman, in a fragrance that is as luminous and pristine as the sunlit, immaculate walls of the city itself. This perfume paints a vivid olfactory picture of the city bathed in bright light, where the elegance of Omanis in their perfumed dishdashas blends seamlessly with the radiant energy of the surroundings.


The fragrance opens with a vibrant trio of top notes: bergamot, cardamom, and ambrette absolute. Bergamot provides a crisp, citrusy freshness that mimics the piercing brightness of the sun, while cardamom adds a touch of spicy warmth, invoking the exotic charm of the Middle East. Ambrette absolute, with its musky and slightly fruity undertones, introduces a rich complexity that hints at the deeper scents to come.


Transitioning to the heart of the fragrance, Sun Bleached unfolds into a clean linen accord paired with white flowers absolute. This combination evokes the freshness of clean, sun-dried linens fluttering in a gentle breeze, paired with the intoxicating scent of white flowers that might line the city’s streets and fill its markets. This heart is a celebration of purity and subtlety, offering a serene pause in the sensory journey.


The base of the fragrance grounds the airy and spicy elements with notes of myrrh, sandalwood, and musks. Myrrh brings a slightly balsamic, resinous warmth that contrasts beautifully with the earlier freshness, adding a touch of ancient mystique reflective of Oman’s rich history. Sandalwood provides a creamy, soft woodiness that deepens the composition, enhancing its sophistication. The musks contribute a clean, smooth finish that extends the longevity of the fragrance, enveloping the wearer in a lasting embrace of Muscat’s sunlit essence.