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Thirsty a perfume by Fugazzi for women and men. The scent is green-fresh.
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Thirsty is a captivating fragrance designed to embody the essence of late-night allure and magnetic charm. It's a scent that stirs the senses and pulls you into the depths of desire, making it a standout choice for those who seek to leave a lasting impression in their nocturnal adventures.


The fragrance opens with a refreshing and crisp composition of apple, providing a bright and juicy introduction that awakens the senses. This is complemented by the green, slightly sharp notes of galbanum, which adds an earthy, rich undertone to the lively apple. Bamboo offers a clean, fresh touch that enhances the fragrance’s airy qualities, while bluebell brings a delicate floral note that whispers of spring and new beginnings.


As Thirsty evolves, the heart notes unfold into a sophisticated blend of fig, jasmine, rose, and neroli. Fig introduces a subtle sweetness and a touch of luscious fruitiness that deepens the initial freshness. Jasmine adds a heady, exotic floralcy that enriches the bouquet, while rose contributes its classic, romantic floral scent, providing elegance and depth. Neroli rounds out the mid-notes with its sweet, honeyed floral aroma that bridges the fruits and florals beautifully.


The base of Thirsty grounds the scent with a warm and resonant blend of cedarwood, amber, and musk. Cedarwood lends a woody, robust backdrop that contrasts nicely with the lighter top and heart notes. Amber infuses the composition with a rich, golden warmth, enhancing the fragrance’s sensuality and allure. Musk adds a layer of deep, animalistic undertones, giving the scent a compelling, almost irresistible finish.