Collection: Art De Parfum

Customers may easily make decisions with confidence because Art de Parfum is an organisation that emphasises integrity in all aspects of its business operations. They can feel secure knowing that their decision is magnificent and morally righteous. Every Art de Parfum scent is free of materials contributing to third-world exploitation, cruelty, and environmental harm. No local hunters or farmers were threatened, injured, or murdered in the process of making this perfume; also, the fragrance's box and bottle will naturally decompose after the buyer has finished using it, leaving no negative environmental impact.


Before starting her brand in 2016, founder and perfumer Ruta Degutyte visited the world and drew inspiration from a number of outstanding professional individuals. She contributed her collected impressions of fragrances to the Art de Parfum line of perfumes. The end product is a line of sophisticated, contemporary, and cruelty-free unisex scents created without the use of animal materials.

Types & Varieties

The niche perfume brand Art De Parfum offers a list of fragrances for men and women, such as Excentrique Moi, Gin and Tonic Cologne, and Kimono Vert among its collection of luxury scents.