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Oud for Happiness

Oud for Happiness

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Oud for Happiness is a perfume by Initio for women and men and was released in 2021. The scent is sweet-spicy.
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Oud for Happiness is a transformative fragrance that serves as a gateway to modernity, redefining the traditional use of oud with a contemporary twist. This scent is crafted to be an olfactory journey that not only showcases the rich, deep notes of oud but also enhances them with an invigorating puff of freshly-cut, narcotic grass, creating a unique, energizing experience that is both uninhibited and addictive.


This fragrance is designed to stimulate the senses and boost self-confidence through its vibrant, innovative composition. Oud for Happiness taps into the psyche, offering a form of relaxation that invigorates the spirit, akin to stepping into a secret dimension where one can experience a profound sense of harmony and peace. It transcends the conventional, inviting wearers to venture beyond the tangible to a space where emotional and spiritual well-being converge with the power of scent.


Building on the legacy of its predecessor, Oud for Greatness, which after three years has become a benchmark in the realm of haute perfumery, Oud for Happiness continues to push the boundaries of fragrance creation. It integrates scientifically proven methods to trigger emotional responses, blending these with magical and spiritual ingredients that elevate the scent to a realm beyond mere fragrance. This methodical yet mystical approach ensures that each spritz of Oud for Happiness is a step into a larger world of sensory exploration.