Collection: Initio Parfum

This French perfume firm has been enveloped in mystery and only exposed in 2015. The artistic director, Sonia, whose last name is a mystery, would rather discuss the power of scent and the impact of Patrick Suskind's book "Perfume."

She states, "In the beginning, perfume was used for everything except to smell good in ancient Egypt." It was used to do magic, draw love, cleanse the house, speak with the gods, heal, and purify the body. Some nations, such as Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, still use scents as purification and cleaning agents. The scent is still used in aromatherapy, even in the Middle East, where scent experts are present.


By partnering with renowned perfumers like Constantin Gueros, Alexandra Kosinski, the celebrated Alberto Morillas, and Maurice Roucel, among others, Initio Parfums seeks to spread the animalic power and the significance of perfume as an "invisible pheromonal force."

An olfactory masterpiece was created by combining science and the powers of nature. INITIO extends its emotional scope to new levels. Two lines, one brand. It was meant for the lines "The Absolutes" and "The Magnetic Blends" to be merged. For an original scent, a tempting trademark, an olfactory fingerprint... you turn into a perfumer yourself! Powerful objects—a secret known only to the few.

Types & Varieties 

The luxury perfume brand Initio Parfums offers a list of niche fragrances for men and women. Oud For Greatness, Musk Therapy, and Atomic Rose are some of the suggestions the brand offers. High Frequency is the bestseller, and Narcotic Delight is the newest addition.