Collection: Bois 1920

The Galardi family's excitement for creating perfume is expressed in the Bois 1920 line of artisan perfumes from Florence, passed down from generation to generation. The passion that brings life, inspiration, and thoughtful enrichment to the current collection of over thirty perfumes. The research on raw materials also blends innovation and tradition to create harmonious, distinctive, and appealing scent combinations.


The story opens in 1920 when Guido Galardi, the grandpa, experiments with his first formulations in his little Florence workshop. He started gathering the lavender blossoms, or "Spigo," that grow on the hillsides around Florence. His pursuit combines a variety of expressive elements, such as scented bags, essential oils, and scented solutions. Bottega Italiana Spigo 1920 (BOIS 1920) is inspired and shaped by all these qualities, and it has gained recognition and global significance. Bois 1920 made the cut for the top five olfactory expressions of 2012 at the FiFi Awards, known as the Oscars of fragrance, held in New York.

Bois 1920 stands for added value in the niche perfumery market today, actively contributing to the creation of new scent variations that call for exploration and application.

Types & Varieties

Bois 1920 is a niche perfume brand that offers a range of luxury and unisex fragrances. The newest from their collection is Cannabis Dolce. Centenario, Classic Paradise, Fondentarancio, and Notturno Fiorentino are some of the niche perfumes for men and women.