Collection: Label

Since 2011, the brand's founders, Angela Ciampagna and her business partner, Enrico Maraffino, have been in charge of the manufacturing company, which produces a wide range of perfumes for several houses in addition to the Angela Ciampagna line.

The distinctive quality of Label's olfactory artwork is derived from a combination of high-grade and seductive raw materials, careful attention to detail, and sensitivity and technique.

Offering the best in artisanal fragrance, Label enhances conventional production methods with innovative technology to create constantly unique results. Superior fragrances created with the best elements are the best approach for treating your home and yourself with feelings of affection.


The artisanal, family-run company where Label was founded in 2011 was located in a little community nestled away in the hills of central Italy. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, the brand's production house is located in Tenerife, part of the Canary Islands chain. 

After a thorough investigation, the perfumes are created, manufactured, and packaged there. In life and at work, production manager Enrico Maraffino and nosy Angela Ciampagna are companions. They established the Label universe together. The identity of Label's olfactory portraits is shaped in part by his sensitive and technical work, careful dedication to design, and utilisation of premium and seductive raw materials.

 A number of chords, note by note, are used in the fragrances to bring back memories of faraway places, nostalgic times, or thrilling thoughts of the future.

Types & Varieties 

Label is a luxury perfume brand which offers fragrances for men and women. Some of the niche perfumes this brand offers are Frangipani, Maltol & Cinnamon, Juniper Wood and Oud & Musk. Lily & Tangerine is the newest addition to the collection.