Collection: Ponsa Barcelona

Alejandro Ponsà's grandfather wanted to establish his own liquor distillery in the 1960s while working for a well-known gin business. These were trying times, and despite multiple tries, he was unable to complete the project. At that point, Alexander learned the craft of distillation for the first time. 

Alejandro is presently practising distillation in a completely unrelated field—the world of signature perfumes. Alejandro had a passion for collecting luxury fragrances, which inspired him to learn how to develop a speciality scent and launch his own company, Ponsà Parfums.


Alejandro, the founder of Ponsà Barcelona, is passionate about nature and the lessons it can offer. He currently teaches an excellent perfumery course in Barcelona. He has extensive experience gathering plants, distilling them, and making essential oils in the field. 

Additionally, he was given the chance to receive advice from several experts in artisanal perfumery in Barcelona, his birthplace.

Ponsa Parfums was founded in this way, and its first speciality scent, Cedar Forest, was created. It is a natural perfume with a woodsy scent, handmade using the finest natural ingredients.

Types & Varieties 

This innovative traditional perfume brand, Ponsà Barcelona, offers a range of niche perfumes for men and women, such as Cedar Forest, Indy Oud and Xanath