Collection: Stéphane Humbert Lucas 777

For the brand’s creator, Stephane Humbert Lucas, Paris is a place of expression where he can freely express his artistic sensibilities and overflowing creativity without having to compromise on marketing.

Every work of art begins as a blank canvas onto which other elements such as colours, lyrics, music, and images are gradually added.

The constant source of inspiration, which comes from music, literature, and painting, establishes the mood and demands the use of the most exquisite ingredients for good perfumery.

Finally, the procedure can start. The necessity of boosting perfumery to the level of a significant art form forces the creator to address roughness and harmony beautifully.


Painter and poet Stephane Humbert Lucas trained under a Flemish master in the South of France. He specialised in tempera painting and was fascinated with the interplay of hues and texture.

Persuaded that every hue had a scent, he came to understand his synesthesia—a perceptual condition in which the activation of his visual organs simultaneously awakens his sensory organs.

Then, mastering colour combinations allowed one to create original and new fragrances.

Types & Varieties 

This niche perfume brand offers a range of luxury fragrances for men and women. The bestsellers include Ô Hira, 2022 Generation Black and Rose de Petra.