Collection: Noème Paris

Noème Paris, a niche fragrance house founded by Yassin Karim, draws its name from the philosophical concept of the unknown. It offers a unique experience through five exceptional perfumes crafted by renowned perfumer Majda Bekkali.

The Noème perfumes are inspired by mythological regions that are far away and secret. They urge us to wander, think, fantasize, and test the limits of our imagination. They take us on a sensory journey with rare and costly materials, all done delicately.

The bottles include a stunning cap depicting an ouroboros, an ancient symbol of a snake biting its tail, indicating endless renewal.


Celebrate the dream, the journey, the initiation into the unknown, and the eternal.

Noème Paris celebrates and compels us to live in an unfamiliar land. It quietly reveals the mysteries that our world hides through its scent collection.

Noème introduces you to a rich, undiscovered world with a beautiful collection of five fragrances with seductive odors.

Nothing is more appropriate than an attempt to discover all the beautiful features of the unexpected.

Types & Varieties 

This luxury perfume brand, Noème Paris, offers a range of unisex perfumes. Kalahari is the newest addition to their niche fragrance collection of Abysse, Atitlan, Divin Part, and Naica.